Why every art professional should be on Art,Frankly – already!

Artemporary on Art Frankly. Photo courtesy of Art Frankly.

Art Frankly is the brainchild of Karline Moeller and Joseph Hines.

With the slogan “The art world, connected”, Art Frankly is a professional networking platform that seeks to connect artsy, creative minds in every possible way. Since launching in June 2016, the platform now boasts over 6,500 users and features several hundred job posts in over 40 different countries. And the numbers are just growing.

Josie Hines and Karline Moeller, co-founders of Art Frankly. Photo courtesy of Art Frankly.


Courtesy of Fireball Marketing and Art Frankly

So, when I was asked if I wanted to feature on their Instagram feed, I was absolutely thrilled, as this would do for me what my birth privilege could not: connect me with the art world at large. Without the kissing part.

Hands up who’s been already there. Duh!

“When I was watching Karline’s career, I saw how difficult it was to get certain positions or why she would get a certain position and not others,” notes Hines. “There didn’t seem to be much structure around the hiring process. We want to change the habits and process of hiring, but we don’t want to change the art world.”

While Art Frankly is very much a new, impartial, global job post feed for the arts, it’s also a tool to increase either a company, gallery, artist or a freelancer’s online presence. It also lists an array of available studios and commercial spaces. The website is free to use. You can create your profile and upload it free of charge. The only thing users pay for is posting; whether it’s a job, a space or other freelance employment opportunities. The price ranges between $ 50-60 depending on the type of post.

Since my profile has been featured on Art Frankly’s Instagram profile, I have been contacted by artists who would like to be featured on *artemporary, as well as by other creative minds for potential collaboration. What more could I ask?

So what are you waiting for?


Become part of the family today and get connected!


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