#ArtGuide: What to see in Zurich this April

Melli Ink, Gregor and the Samsas (Kill Your Friends), 2017 (Pic courtesy of the artist)

Hello Art-Gorgeous!

This month I’ll bring you around Zurich’s most exquisite spaces for some freshly exhibited art shows. The selection is very varied: from drawing exhibitions to millennial pink prints in a concept store, *artemporary has selected for you some cool must-see art exhibitions you gotta visit this month in the city.

Art Exhibitions –  The Selection // Zurich

  1. Pink Plantastik by Play Hunter at Waldraud
  2. Selfie by Daniel Eisenhut at Jedtlischka Gallery
  3. Liam Gillick at Eva Presenhuber
  4. Melli Ink at Grieder Contemporary
  5. Stefan Brüggemann at Hauser & Wirth
  6. Keith Sonnier’s early works at Häusler Contemporary


Play Hunter: Pink Plantastik at Waldraud Concept Store


Play Hunter, Pinkplantastic No. 4, 2017 (Pic courtesy of Play Hunter)



Play Hunter, Pinkplantastik Agave Print A3 (Pic courtesy of Play Hunter)


Even if you have not been following me for a long time, you will immediately know that pink is much more than a colour for me. It’s my brand and my corporate identity. Therefore no surprise that I embraced with sparkling enthusiasm the work, oeuvre and philosophy of Zurich-based artist Play Hunter.

With the slogan “Pink isn’t a colour – it is a state of mind” she had me then and there!

Capitalising on the seducing imagery of greenery over pink, so wildly popular on Instagram and Pinterest right now, photographer and author Play Hunter tells her take on this trend: «Plants such as monsteras and cacti are very photogenic, especially on pink. At the same time, they’re very easy to keep, tough and great survivors. For me personally, it’s down to this: plants and pink are essentially about a refreshing, positive take on life – something I feel we all need more of right now.»

And I couldn’t agree more!

For the occasion, she partnered up with the über-cool Swedish-Swiss couple owning the concept store Waldraud (in trendy Zurich Kreis 5) to launch PINKPLANTASTIK: a collection of limited edition plantastic art prints set in a room painted in millennial pink. Each week, Play will update the installation with selected objects from the shop.

When: Until May 6, 2017  ♦ Where: Waldraud Store, Josefstrasse 142, 8005 Zurich

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Daniel Eisenhut: Selfie at Jedlitschka Gallery

Daniel Eisenhut, Nude, Geneva NR2, 2015
Daniel Eisenhut, Nude, Geneva NR2, 2015 (Pic courtesy of the artist)

Drawing the nude today is kind of my specialty, simply because I wrote a dissertation about it less than six months ago. From Jenny Saville to Camille Henrot, I have analysed how the classic genre of the nude is dealt with today by female artists.

So believe me when I say that this nude portraits of females and males by the Swiss-Israeli artist, have all the sensitivity and erotic charge you would expect from a woman artist. There is nothing if not awe and respect for those naked bodies on the walls, a fascination with human nature in its full bloom and different facets.

You can watch the artist talking about its show and its work to see this for yourself.


When: Until April 22, 2017   ♦ WhereJedlitschka Gallery, Seefeldstrasse 52, 8008 Zürich


Liam Gillick: Extended Soundtrack for a Lost Production Line: Ton und Film at Eva Presenhuber



Liam Gillick at Eva Presenhuber (Pic courtesy of the gallery)


With a Turner-prize nomination, presence at the Venice Biennale and many other epic solo shows around the world, NY-based artist Liam Gillick is a sensation. No wonder he’s part of Ms Presenhuber portfolio!

This show will focus on a lesser known aspect of the artist’s work, i.e. his involvement with sound and video. This is an exhibition of interruptions, secondary components and demonstrations. It both kills time and brings closer attention to the conceptual base of the artist’s work in recent years – namely an interest in production rather than consumption and new forms of work and life.

When: until May 20, 2017  ♦ Where: Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zahnradstrasse 21, 8005 Zurich


Melli Ink: Gregor and the Samsas at Grieder Contemporary


Melli Ink “Gregor Samsa”, 2017 (Pic courtesy of the artist and Grieder Contemporary)


Melli Ink “Fly on the way to work”- Series (3), 2017 (Pic courtesy of the artist and Grieder Contemporary)


Under the full title of “Gregor and the Samsas (Kill Your Friends)” artist Melli Ink present her latest body of works, all conceived between 2016 and 2017. Experimenting once again with different media, from video to glass sculptures and photography, Ink shows us how her knowledge and echoes of literally apocalyptic worlds did not stop at Albrecht Dürer.

This time, star of the show is a millennial Gregor Samsa multiplied in a beasty trinity of cockroach-spider-fly. The Samsas. Unlike Gregor, these characters don’t seem to care about their new (?) identity and condition: they go to work, walk through the city, travel on public transports. The Marxist critique that seemed, over a century ago, to affect Kafka’s novel is here turned on its own head. This wild bunch seem almost cool if one discards wings and antennas, that is.

Even if you are not a Kafka-fan, you will love this show.

When: until May 27, 2017  ♦ Where: Grieder Contemporary, Limmatstrasse 256, 8005 Zurich


Stefan Brüggeman: TAKE, PUT AND ABANDON at Hauser & Wirth


Stefan Brüggemann, TAKE, PUT and ABANDON, exhibition view at Hauser&Wirth Zurich (pic courtesy of the gallery)



Stefan Brüggemann
Stefan Brüggemann, TAKE, PUT and ABANDON, exhibition view at Hauser&Wirth Zurich (pic courtesy of the gallery)


Conceptual Minimalistic rigour and a God-save-the-Queen punk attitude collide in this latest show of Mexican-born, London-based artist Stefan Brüggemann.

The philosophy of language is an important element in Brüggemann’s practice, in which text functions as a fluid medium, utilised for both form and meaning; his choice of words typically provocative, acerbic, and topical. The collection of works presented in Zurich all exemplifies his sharp manipulation of language. Shown alongside these painting and wall works are a group of stainless steel readymades. The title of the exhibition takes inspiration from the artist’s process of appropriation.

Another ace for the Swiss powerhouse 😉

When: until May 27, 2017  ♦ Where: Hauser & Wirth, Limmatstrasse 270, 8005 Zurich


Keith Sonnier: Portal Series and Selected Early Works at Häusler Contemporary


Keith Sonnier, “Portal Drone”, installation view Häusler Contemporary München, 2015 (Pic courtesy of the gallery)


«The portal is traditionally an entrance into other spaces or other worlds… Of course, an artwork is already an act of invitation… » — Keith Sonnier

In Europe, Keith Sonnier is mainly known for his light works and installations. For this show, opening to the public tomorrow (April 12), the gallery will present Sonnier’s new «Portal Series» together with selected early works that have rarely been shown in the Old Continent. In addition to recent and selected early light pieces, this exhibition includes sculptures made of wood and bamboo. These works seamlessly conform to Keith Sonnier’s very precise formal language, his examination of the sensual and emotional qualities of the different material and his sculptural investigation of architectural space.

When: April 12 – June 17, 2017 ♦ Where: Häusler Contemporary, Stampfenbachstrasse 59, 8006 Zürich


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