#ArtGuide – What to see in #Zurich this March

March is one of my favorite months. And not just because of my birthday. ūüėČ

March is a month of change, slightly crazy weather and one can feel the mild bloomy Spring approaching. This is also the month of some of the most amazing art fairs in the world, like The Armory Show, TEFAF and Art Basel Hong Kong.

For those who were not able to hit the international art scene, artemporary has cherry-picked a list of shows you should definitely visit in Zurich this month. Enjoy!

Mai 36

Solo Show: Christian Lindow
Untitled (Beach Storm), 1981
(Pic courtesy of Mai 36)

Mai 36 presents the first exhibition of the late German artist Christian Lindow (1945 Р1990) while taking this opportunity to announce the representation of the Estate of the artist (along with some other awesome estates, like one of my favorite, American photographer Peter Hujar). Fabrice Stroun was invited to curate the exhibition.

In the curator’s words:

“Lindow‚Äôs oeuvre stands as a paradox: for all its apparent physicality and expressiveness, its numerous self- imposed restraints ‚Äď be it its limited chromatic range or its almost rationed choice of subjects ‚Äď produces a form without effects. Even if Christian Lindow’s practice could not have emerged in any other era than the late 1970s, when the status of the image was profoundly modified by its accelerated circulation, it is not emblematic of his generation. It remains singular and uncomfortable. Devoid of lyricism, processual, rugged rather than buoyant, this oeuvre, that so clearly delineates the body of painting, also marks the limits of representation.”

Address: R√§mistrasse 37, 8001 Z√ľrich¬†// Until¬†:¬†April 15, 2017

Lange & Pult

Christian Herdeg
Christian Herdeg (Pic courtesy of Haus Konstruktiv and the artist)
His retrospective at Museum Haus Konstruktiv just ended (January 15, 2017) but the appetite for his neon art seems to linger in the city of Zurich. Another solo show at the minimalist gallery, another perspective.
Address:¬† Limmatstrasse 291,¬†8005 Z√ľrich // Until¬†:¬†May 13, 2017

ArteF Galerie f√ľr Kunstfotografie

Masterworks: Werner Bischof, René Burri, Gotthard Schuh
René Burri, Kanda Bookstore, Tokyo, 1961
Vintage gelatin silver print
© René Burri / Magnum Photos
Prepare to immerse¬†yourself in a vintage world of gelatine silver prints. I haven’t visited this show yet but I am looking forward to it!
Address: Spl√ľgenstrasse 11,¬†8002 Zurich¬†// Until¬†:¬†July 1, 2017

Nadja Brykina

1917-2017: Socialist Realists and Nonconformists From the Last 100 Years
Gallery overview (pic courtesy of Nadja Brykina)

A stone throw away from Museum Haus Konstruktiv, this gallery is tucked in a nice alley in the heart of Zurich. Opened in 2006 by Nadja Brykina, the gallery focuses on Russian art from the second half of the 20th century up to present time. This particular exhibition will showcase the so-called Nonconformist masters, including Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Yakovlev, and Yuri Zlotnikov.

Address: Sihlstrasse 91, 8001 Z√ľrich // Until¬†:¬†March 31, 2017

Roehrs & Boetsch

Nel Verbeke: Embrace Melancholy

Embrace Melancholy is a contemporary pursuit by Belgian artist Nel Verbeke to re- introduce and re-value acts of melancholy within the domestic setting. Her hybrid approach between visual art and conceptual design results in a poetic sculptural language that questions our way of seeing, acting and living.

The works are the result of discrepancies between observations of current tendencies, revealing a dominance of the aspiration towards constant happiness and self-control, and research on historical perceptions where moments seized with emotion were seen as something desirable that were sought for their bittersweetness and intensity.
Address: Bachstrasse 9, 8038 Z√ľrich¬†// Until¬†: March 25,¬†2017

Karma International

Cory Archangel, Ida Ekblad, Sylvie Fleury, Mélanie Matranga, Sara Sadik, Linda Semadeni

One the most famous works by Cory Arcangel, Snowbunny/Lakes (2015) (Pic courtesy of Lisson Gallery and the artist)

I’d love to say something about this exhibition but, unfortunately, I have neither visited it yet nor have I found any photos/info about it. ANY!

All I can say is this: the gallery is a kick-ass one and managed by two young female professionals. The quality of their shows is usually high and I have no doubt this one is no exception. See Cory Arcangel amongst the above list!

However, both the website and the facebook page of the gallery leave quite some room for improvement (and updates!).

Address: H√∂nggerstrasse 40, 8037 Z√ľrich¬†¬†// Until¬†: April 29, 2017

Eva Presenhuber

John Giorno: Space Forgets You
John Giorno’s installation view at Eva Presenhuber Gallery, Zurich (pic courtesy of the artist and the gallery)

Half artist and half poet, John Giorno¬†has¬†since the 1960s¬†created an extensive oeuvre that expands, moves between and pushes up against the borders of different art forms. In “space forgets you”, Giorno continues to expand his oeuvre, where new media and modes of representation are introduced and further extend the perceived boundaries of poetry. ¬†His poetic language ‚Äď and the way he presents it ‚Äďis as unique as the broad vocabulary he employs in his work.

Verses like ‚ÄúLIFE IS A KILLER‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúEVERYONE IS A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT,‚ÄĚ phrases originally found in his poems, ¬†are transformed into bold, visual works in Giorno’s poem paintings.

Address: Limmatstrasse 270, 8005 Z√ľrich¬†¬†// Until¬†: March 25, 2017

Galerie Römerapoteke

The fine art of drawing: best of Iceland, Germany, Czechia

Sigga Bj√∂rg Sigur√įard√≥ttir, Untitled, 2016, Mixed media, ink and acrylics on paper (Pic courtesy of the artist)
Monumental altar drawing by artist Josef Zlamal (pic courtesy of the artist)

As I went vernissage-hopping last Thursday, this was perhaps the exhibition that most impressed me. Very classic (mainly drawings) in the form yet very contemporary in its content (see cartoons and comics contamination), this show is a refreshing and young change of pace in the very blazoned Swiss art scene. The names of the three artists showcased – Peter Feilers, Sigga Bj√∂rg Sigur√įard√≥ttir, Josef Zlamal –¬†might not yet be familiar, but their art will totally impress you. Promise!

My¬†personal fav: the drawings of Icelandic artist Sigga¬†Bj√∂rg Sigur√įard√≥ttir – ¬†a must see (and have!).
Address: R√§mistrasse 18, 8001 Z√ľrich ¬†// Until¬†: April 1, 2017


In front of Luciano Castelli’s site-specific mural.
Peter W√ľthrich, ANGELS OF THE WORLD. (Pic courtesy of the gallery)
Plutschow’s gallery space is one of the most central and remarkable I have seen in Zurich so far. Unlike many other galleries in the city, the owners of this business will always have a smile and a word for all the people that will¬†visit them. The group show currently on is a nice mix of mediums and sizes, series and unique works.
Highlight of the show: the series of photography “Angels of the World” by Swiss artist¬†Peter W√ľthrich. Absolutely lovely!
Address: Waldmannstrasse 6, 8001 Z√ľrich ¬†// Until¬†: May 7, 2017

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