Paris Internationale – Top Gallery Booths to visit (according to one of its founders)

Amalia Ulman at Arcadia Missa

Oooohhhh!!! It’s the last day of the second edition of Paris Internationale. But – No panic!

You have time to visit the fair until 6 pm tonight.

Because the time is limited, artemporary has asked Antoine Levi, one of the five founders of the art fair (and one of the exhibitors – first floor) to give us some tips on must-see galleries and artworks. You know, de gustibus! But having visited the whole fair, I believe it’s pretty accurate. So get your map at the entrance and follow the *a tips floor by floor. Happy art-hunting!

Floor -01/*

Queer Thoughts (New York) / Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)

Queer Thoughts (New York) / Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)
Two partners, two sets of artists, one shared space. If you meet Mr. Rosen don’t expect almond-shaped eyes, but rather a very Japanese savoir-faire (especially when he hands you his biz card). The portraits of artist Kaoru Arima will conquer you!


Derek Sullivan

Emmanuel Hervé (Paris)
On display here, visitors will find works and installation by Canadian artist Derek Sullivan, whose practice engages with the legacy of modernist art and design.


Giulia Cenci at Spazio A

Spazio A (Pistoia)
When I entered the fairly small space occupied by Italian gallery Spazio A I felt fairly perplexed. Shiny plastic forms and seemingly found object were orderly scattered on the floor, whilst others where hanged on the wall. To top everything, some portraits were also displayed on the wall. It takes some time before your eye can ascertain the fact that those round things on the floor are different sorts of fruits and other inanimate everyday objects. Do not worry: Mr. Giuseppe, the owner, will be there to warm you up with his smile and knowledge, and if you are lucky you can still talk to artist Giulia Cenci, the brain behind the silicon-infused world populating the room.


Floor 01


Ad Minoliti at Agustina Ferreyra

 Agustina Ferreyra           
Colourful booth run by sparkling gallerist Agustina Ferreyra. Ad Minoliti’s works are showcased here. I am not a cat-person, but I loved the mondrianesque cat-boxes.


Floor 02


Vajiko Chachkhiani at Marzona Gallery

Daniel Marzona (Berlin)
Small space, interesting video by Georgian artist Vajiko Chachkhiani, whose practice “operates somewhere between the outside world and the human psyche, bringing the shadowy aspects of the Conditio humana to our awareness through subtle and intriguing visual poetry”. One of my favs as well!


Delicate hues for Noel McKenna oil paintings at Mother Tankstation

Mother’s Tankstation (Dublin)
Exquisitely curated, this room makes perhaps the most delicate and flawless booth in the whole hotel. Let yourself be enchanted by Noel McKenna oil paintings and ceramics.


Mick Peter’s painting at Crèvecoeur
Mick Peter’s installation at Crèvecoeur

Crèvecoeur (Paris)
Fanny’s smile will welcome you in this bright space, hosting Mick Peter’s paintings and installations. The two are different part of his artistic process and perhaps the best draughtsmanship I have seen at the fair.


Tobias Spichtig at Jan Kaps

Jan Kaps (Köln)
This gallery showcases a group show by various international artists. My favourite? Tobias Spichtig’s paintings.


Jan Kiefer at Union Pacific
Aleksander Hardashnakov’s drawings at Union Pacific

Union Pacific
If you are a cat-person collecting feline memorabilia, this could be you chance to add some serious meow-art to your collection. Jan Kiefer’s stained glass, larger-than-life hanging cats will be a memorable addition. I personally prefer Aleksander Hardashnakov’s drawings in the other room.


Floor 03


Edward Klay
Edward Klay

Mitchell Algus
Beautifully executed paintings, amongst which Edward Klay’s, adorn half of this central top floor room. The sense of restrictions and contraction of the other floors is gone here and visitors can wander around the large rooms.


I would add to the list:

Moral Keil at Project Native Informant

Project Native Informant (London)
The London-based gallery has recently relocated to Holborn (beginning of September), so if you haven’t checked out the new space, it’s definitely time to do it. In Paris they have brought very interesting drawings by Moral Keil.


What Pipeline space
What Pipeline space (Closet!)

What Pipeline (Detroit)
Detroit is a though city to live in. Or so does Daniel explains in his experience of managing this artist-run space. The room hosting the works is a former dressing room, which made the curation of this group show even the more interesting. 

Amalia Ulman

Arcadia Missa (London)
She is perhaps the most well-known artists in the house. At the moment, at least.
Yes, as miss Amalia Ulman has featured in two major shows this past year in London, i.e. Performing for the Camera at Tate Modern and Electronic Superhighway at Whitechapel Gallery. Not bad for someone who has not even turned 30. Overrated? Only time will tell. For the time being, I find her insta-projects interesting enough to follow her.

Paris Internationale
October 19–23, 2016
51 Avenue d’Iéna
75116 Paris

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(All pics @artemporary – taken with the permission of the galleries)