#GenAtem – Solo Show and Book Release at #KollyGallery

Gen Antem (pic courtesy of the artist)

Gen Atem –  “Mediated Vandalism — Retrospective of The Function”



Gen Antem (pic courtesy of the artist and Kolly Gallery)
Gen Atem (pic courtesy of the artist and Kolly Gallery)

There is something spiritual about Gen Atem, and that’s clear from the very moment your eyes meet him. Perhaps it’s his composure when he speaks, the slow pace of his movements or the very confident, yet never imposing, way in which he articulates his thoughts and ideas. I am not sure.

What is sure though,  is that at some point in his life he became a Zen monk. He actually entered a Buddhist monastery just to get out many years later. He has even written a book, «The Four Noble Truths, An Introduction To Buddhist Philosophy And Meditation».

Gen Atem (pic courtesy of the artist)
Gen Atem (pic courtesy of the artist)
Gen Atem (pic courtesy of the artist)
Gen Atem (pic courtesy of the artist; @Cooni Photo)

In my head, this very Zen image somehow crashed with the idea I had of him before we met one evening at a Café in Zurich Wiedikon, our neighbourhood. With a career spanning over 30 years, Gen Atem (a.k.a. Gen-U-One, born in Switzerland) has been wearing many hats: from graffiti kid to DJ, break dancer and, more recently, musician.

His work today, which he addresses as “Meditated Vandalism”, reflects part of these life experiences but also his very present. He in fact lives as an artist and Zen teacher in Zurich, but also founded and leads the artist collective «Wild Writers» and «Attacking Vandalism Criminals».

His new works and book, are on view at Kolly Gallery in Zurich from tonight. Including collaborative works with: Miriam Bossard, Anthony Chrétien, Signe Fleischmann, Kenryo Hara, Myriam Hofer, Roman Hofer, Katharina Lütscher, Paradox Six and Spock 213.

Book Release:
Works, exhibitions and history 1982-2016, monograph, 200 pages. Published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin.

When: 6 – 15  October 2016 // Vernissage: 6 October 2016, at 6 pm // Address: Kolly Gallery, Seefeldstrasse 56, 8008 Zürich

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