Cacao Rocks / Clelia Catalano / Sonke: Borgia Art first exhibition in Zurich

A work by Sonke from the "Blue Period", 2014-2015 (photo courtesy of the artist)


Cacao Rocks (photo courtesy of the artist)

cacao 2.png


He has a PhD and many years of experience with writing and handling contracts. But he also has a huge passion for art. So what do you do when you have a big brain, business acumen and a flair for art? What not many peeps would do: create you own company to manage and promote young artists.

Borgia Art was founded by Cesare Borgia, an Italian Dottore who has been living in Zurich for many years now. Cesare has always loved art, up to the point that he decided to be a Mecenate for lesser known, yet very talented, people with a gift. For example, he discovered graffiti artists Cacao Rocks and Sonke while wandering the trendy districts of Athens.

From the series “Abissi” by Clelia Catalano (photo courtesy of the artist)
From the series “Metropoli Viola” by Clelia Catalano (photo courtesy of the artist)


The 3-day show, the first one by Borgia Art, is taking place in Zurich. After a successful first day dedicated yesterday to Cacao Rocks, today’s featured artist is Clelia Catalano, who will be in da house to greet and meet you guys! The third and final day – on Wednesday 5th October – is dedicated to the pretty optical ladies of Greek street artist Sonke.

From the “Black and White” series 2015-2016 by Sonke (photo courtesy of the artist)


I will be there to lavish bubbly nectar and artsy stories, so come and say HI! and have a glass with us… we are not short of tales!

For more info visit Borgia Art website here.

Pop-up Gallery Address: Minervastrasse 9, Zurich
Closest tram stop: Tram 8 at Hottingerplatz; Tram 5 or 9 at Kunsthaus
Apero starts at 7 pm
We are open until 10 pm

See y’all there!