MLitt: The end.

I still cannot believe it.

It is over and it does not feel real. As banal as it might sound, time really flies… Where did this year go?

It seems last week that I packed my stuff and left beautiful, tranquil Zurich for hectic, crazy London. Now I am back in Zurich and this relative tranquility after the dissertation helter-skelter weeks feels so out of the ordinary. In the process of resettling myself in my old-new Züri-life, I decided to take a walk down on memory lane and to share it with you…

So stay with me and scroll down to see how it looks like to be a seriously committed student at Christie’s Education in London – dissertation edition.

(All this would not have been possible without the kind support of UCL and its awesome library!)

The usual, daily set up at UCL Main Library. In this snapshot: Ghada Amer and I, Aka one of the female artists featuring my dissertation. She is awesome beyond belief: check her out!


Could you take a wild guess what my dissertation was about? Leave a note in the comments if you feel inspired 🙂


My face after 10/12 hours on the books.. crashing on my fav air mattress.


Best. Team. Ever! Fashion photographer and Christie’s fellow student Cochi Esse. Follow her artsy fashionable adventure on IG at @cochiesse
The perks of always being early at the library (and alone with a camera)  😀


Living in trendy East London and exploring the best places where to recharge the batteries ahead of a long day… best poached eggs with avo, bacon and wholegrain bread @wellstreetkitchen in Hackney


Hmmm… yes, student life is also made of coloured happy breaks. Deliciously Stella would approve!


The nicest bunch of peeps working at Collis-Bird and Withey in Islington. Especially if you need the 2-hours speedy binding service, just in time to meet your deadline!


Celebratory coffee after the dissertation pick-up!


The mandatory flute with the girls after submission! …What a year!!


Do you have questions about my experience and whether this is the right path for you too? Get in touch via the comment section below.