#SneakPeek: Artist studio visit – Tom Hunter 

*artemporary & Tom Hunter

Hello Art-Lovers!

It was a very special day yesterday for *artemporary, one to definitely remember!

Yesterday was the day I interviewed Tom Hunter, the internationally acclaimed London-based photographer whose shoots have witnessed and recorded the life and changes of Hackney, one of the trendiest (today) and most controversial neighbourhoods of London.

Only 24 hours ago, I had the chance to meet this amazing artist in his studio and to have a chat with him about art, fancy commercial art galleries, how he feels about being in the permanent collections of some of the most important museums in the world and stuff like that… 🙂

The interview will be available on C# The Blog (Christie’s Education London student-led blog) and *artemporary on 01.03.2016, so…

Stay tuned!

With Love,
Carmela Tfr