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Massimo Uberti, Loved Space, 2014 (Spazio Borgogno)
Massimo Uberti, Loved Space, 2014 (Spazio Borgogno)

If you think Art should be accessible to every single one of us, across all cultures and bank account sizes, then you shall simply love Kooness and the mission behind this new artsy start-up.

With the mantra “Be Cool, Buy Art”, this recently founded Italian platform aims to break down the barriers of the traditional art world and to make art come within everyone’s reach.

Anna Kuligina, Swan Lake, Andrea Santolaya Mondo Galeria
Andrea Santolaya, Anna Kuligina: Swan Lake (Mondo Galeria)

The vision of Koones is to create an online marketplace/platform where sellers and buyers can meet, showcasing works from all around the world to buyers from all around the world. Lowering the barriers of a ‘brick and mortar’ gallery, limited by their mere offline presence and thus increasing both the supply and demand for contemporary art, a true win-win!

Therefore you will see the name of the various artists and their works on the website, together with the names of the galleries representing them, so that basically the end user will buy directly from the gallery. This factor means that, amongst other things, the buyer has the assurance of a certain provenance and quality of the work.

Giuseppe Amadio, Epio, 2015 - Lattuada Studio
Giuseppe Amadio, Epio, 2015  (Lattuada Studio)

In doing so, Kooness both overcomes the price barriers, as the works have prices ranging from 300 EUR and 20,000 EUR, i.e. something for all pockets, as well as the physical ones, as all the works of art featured on the website are globally accessible from any laptop, can be purchased with a click and will be delivered to your doorstep. Buying and selling art has finally entered the 21st century, so let’s welcome Art to the 2.0 way of life!

Find out more about Kooness here and follow the #BeCoolBuyArt-gang on Instagram.

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