It’s better, it’s bigger, it’s cooler: *artemporary is BACK!


As I quit my permanent job in finance back in August 2015 and embarked on this new life adventure -i.e. going back to school- I honestly thought I would have all the time in the world to write my artsy reviews, events and the likes. I could not have been more wrong.

When I had my interview at Christie’s Education London with John Slyce, Senior Lecturer of the MLitt in Modern and Contemporary Art, he told me clearly that the programme would be intense. He really did. But in my mind I thought: “Yeah right… sure I can study, be the best Lecturer Assistant ever, get straight As, blog and still have time for a life”. Mmmm… No!

So when I moved from Zurich to London on the 1st of September 2015, ready to start my master, I immediately realized that I could definitely study, be a good student and a good Lecturer Assistant but that I wouldn’t have much time left for anything outside the golden cage of the Art world. Going back to being a student after 7 years in audit, consulting and finance is not as easy as one might think, especially if you take it as seriously as I do. Leaving your whole world behind, your friends, your places, your crib and your life when you are above your 30s might be tricky – especially if you have enjoyed a nice life with an income flowing in your bank account the 27th of every month.

London Life!

And despite all that and despite being broke after paying the fees – net of scholarship – I feel the luckiest girl in the world. It feels like everything finally fell into place. I love every single day of my new student life and I adore all the things I am learning – this is basically where I belong. And this is all to say that: no time for writing more than one post in 4 months despite living in London, one of the most important and vibrant Art hubs in the world.

So… now that I bored you with the story of my life, I can finally introduce you the “new” artemporary, a website that has undergone a few ,but substantial, changes along with a nice, technologically responsive restyling, so that you can read it wherever you are on whatever device you have at hand.

The Sections: the most relevant changes in a nutshell!

Art Around Town: Various bits and pieces of Art news, from the monthly “Editor’s pick” (to be published at the beginning of each month) to any relevant information about vernissages happening in town, artsy fairs and all sorts of related events that I can scout.

In this section, you can expect to find “TOP #” list of exhibitions and events personally selected (believe me… when you live in London this is not an easy task!). Some of the events have been selected based on other reviews from specialized newspapers or according to recommendations received from Christie’s tutors.

Art Reviews contains all the events attended personally. I study Modern and Contemporary Art, but I am neither an Art critic nor a curator, therefore you can expect Art seen through the eyes of an Art-Lover, explained in easy digestible words. I know very well that feeling of going to an exhibition and reading the press release in order to understand what is going on and feeling utterly confused afterwards: because instead of helping you understand, the concise fancy piece of writing has anything but shed more light on what you are seeing!

Interviews, as the name suggests, will feature nice informal chats with artists from various fields and countries. Do you know anyone who is so cool whom would deserve a review? Great, because recommendations and referrals are really valuable and greatly appreciated.

*a Blog Diary: this is a brand new section, that will feature Art entangled with personal stories, embedding some of my journey here at Christie’s. If you have ever wondered how it is to study Art in the MECCA of the Art world well… there you go! Before joining Christie’s I was totally desperate to find someone (a student) from Christie’s Education I could talk to, as I really wanted to understand whether it would have been a good investment. Now you will have your answer! 🙂

Pic Credit @Giulia Franceschini – Thanks babe!

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