FINAL WEEK! Pick of January 2016

White Cube Gallery Mason’s Yard

Tightrope Walk: Painted Images after Abstraction
(Curated by Barry Schwabsky)
25 November 2015 – 24 January 2016


Address: White Cube Bermondsey
144 – 152 Bermondsey Street
London, SE1 3TQ

Alex Katz Double Sarah B
Alex Katz, ‘Double Sarah B’ (Photograph: Alex Katz/Dacs Vaga/White Cube)

The group exhibition ‘Tightrope Walk’ brings together paintings by close to fifty artists in an effort to illuminate how the act of making a representational painting has been redefined over the past century, following the emergence of abstraction as a competing proposition. Since then, representational painting has always been made in cognisance of abstraction – sometimes polemically against it but more often incorporating aspects of it into a new synthesis. The exhibition draws on some of the forms in which this contentious encounter has taken place and its impact on the many ways painters have revised their conception of what representation can be.

thighrope walk
White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey (Photo: George Darrell)

For the full exhibition walkthrough click here.

The exhibitions are FREE –  so no excuses there!