#DearDiary – #TheBeginning

Here we go!

This is where it all begins… I QUIT!

I wish I was even 1/10 as creative as Marina Shifrin when she quit back in 2013, but I decided that a single pink post-it would do. I cannot really dance so well, therefore I decided I would spare my readers from that sight.

I quit, and I feel deeply scared and excited at the same time.

In this very historical moment of global unhappiness and sky-high level of unemployment, my decision may seem as a quite queer one; but I have had this dream in the drawer for sooo long, that I decided it was time to take  it out and simply make it real.

Ok now… it was not exactly easy peasy lemon squeezy and only time will tell me whether it was a good and wise and a strategical grownup decision, but… HEY! Being a relationship manager and incorporating companies in Switzerland was fun, challenging and interesting, but this monster inside me, aka this passion for Art, has never really left me. At times, I almost had the impression it was devouring me. As I was auditing, I was thinking about the next vernissage. When I was preparing an offer letter I would be thinking about the next piece to write for *artemporary, or the next artist to review, or the next artsy adventure or trip. So when I had enough money to finance the insanely expensive master I wanted to attend, I simply quit. And unleashed my monster. It is pink, girly and highly motivated. It will make a good student I think.

Little Professor
Little Professor

Quitting a financially stable job caused loads of different reactions in people I know. My friends find me courageous and brave. My colleagues give politically correct statements as the corporate etiquette dictates in these situations. Some other peeps find me insane. I know I am dreamer and maybe a tad bit crazy, but to me a dream is simply a plan to be implemented. Alright… I have tons of dreams, and not even 1/50 of them is remotely close to be executed, but dreaming is free and is fuel for the mind and for the soul.

And… PEEPS! Maybe all the above might be true, but I can nonetheless share a secret with you: the biggest dream I had is just about to become true.

So… I hope you will follow *artemporary in this new life-career-changing adventure! In this “Diary Blog” page I will share the artsy side of my new life in London: the master, the study, the life back to school, all the events happening around the city and my anxiety when exams will approach 🙂

I. Cannot. Wait.


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