#MTBCycletech and #artemporary: a “Deluxe” collaboration

Who says that technologically sophisticated bikes are only for boys?

MTB Cycletech has the right bike for dynamic girls, always on the move… even when wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik.

It is always the same story – especially in summer time. Days are longer and the few extra hours of daylight just make our busy days even busier.

girl bicycle high heels

Get ready in the morning and strategically plan your 9 am – 11 pm outfit. Run to work. Work, work, work. Have the usual business lunch with that ex colleague you haven’t seen in a while. Run back to the office. Work more. And finally it’s there – the moment in which you can leave and run to that vernissage that has been on your agenda for weeks. Sip your drink and walk around the gallery. And eventually, after culture tanking and some artsy posts on Instagram, run elsewhere to enjoy the last 15 minutes of sunshine and your fav Cosmopolitan with friends. Possibly at the lake.

Sounds familiar? Yeah… we are busy people with a busy life. Maybe your schedule does not include a vernissage or a gallery opening every day, but I am sure you can easily replace that with yoga or a meet-up commitment.

Well busy people… I can tell you something: life is much easier when you can comfortably run from an appointment to another on an awesome bike! 🙂

MTB Cycletech and artemporary for Zurich Deluxe Magazine
Pic courtesy of Zurich Deluxe Magazine and Epic.cx

For the June 2015 issue of Zurich Deluxe Magazine, MTB Cycletech and *artemporary have joined forces to show how a bike can be stylish, fashionable and practical at the same time.

The Tool P1 Lady will be your bike if you need to run (like a lady!) while being more stable than on your high heels.

But BOYZ… hey! There is plenty of choice also for you. Just click here to find out.

Carmela Trf

A special THANKS to the Epic crew, without whom this article would not have been possible, and to Luigi and Manuel from MTB Cycletech for their passion and enthusiasm for this collaboration.