#ZüriTips: Hot Stuff… #Vernissage “1/12 EGLI” at #EgliSpace

After six years spent in Zurich, this rather conservative city still manages to surprise me. Actually – truth be told – I sometimes have the impression I do not really know this city at all. Especially when it comes to Art.
But this is not true anymore when you make the acquaintance of Rémi Jaccard, a Züri-born and based artist and curator. As a real Art insider of the Swiss Art scene, Rémi is not only always updated when it comes to what is happening around the city, but he is actually one of the characters who steers the Zurich Art scene, in his own peculiar way.
Tonight, the event “1/12 EGLI – 1 Loft, 12 Artists” will kick off at Eglistrasse 8, in the vibrant Kreis 4 in Zurich. If you ask me what it is exactly… well, I am not sure I would be able to explain you, as the website does not give away much, I must admit…
And this is also why *artemporary will be on the front row tonight, attending the vernissage (apparently, on top of the normal excitement of the opening, there will also be a performance by the artist Sören Berner, starting at 20.30 H) and asking questions that will shed a bit more light on this project.
It definitely looks interesting, also taking into account that Eglispace is a huge loft where these selected 12 artists have been given the opportunity to exhibit some of their latest works.
Gen Atem, one of the 12 artists exhibiting at Eglispace (pic courtesy of Kolly Gallery)
So people… I hope you will join me tonight for some artsy action and drinks! All the details can be found below.
1/12 EGLI – 1 Loft, 12 Artists 

Vernissage – FRIDAY 5‭. ‬JUNE‭ | ‬19–23 H


6‭. – ‬14‭. ‬JUNE 2015
SAT‭ / ‬SUN‭: ‬13–18 H‭ | ‬THU‭: ‬15–20 H

Programm und weitere Informationen unter

EGLISPACE.NET | remijaccard.net