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After opening its doors to the public in March 2009, piazzadispagna9 has become one of the trendiest hotels in Rome. For this January edition, this Roman boutique hotel has opened its doors to *artemporary, and disclosed its many treasures – just in the heart of the Eternal City.

Carmela Tfr_*artemporary
Carmela Tfr, i.e. *artemporary@work in the common hall at piazzadispagna9

Rome, January 3, 2015 – Piazza di Spagna: one of the most famous locations in the Capital and perhaps in the world. On a wet but mild afternoon of the beginning of the year, I make my descent through the glamorous Spanish Stairs, a place that has witnessed many catwalks, movie shooting and popular events.

At 3.00 pm I am expected at piazzadispagna9, the new place in town “to see and to be seen”. The name itself does not tell much, truth be told – just a consolidated address and not very original perhaps. But as I enter the old building, all the charm is suddenly unleashed and there and then I realise there is nothing usual about what I am about to see.

piazzadispagna9 is a not just one of the finest boutique hotel in Rome –  it is also and most importantly an art gallery, where the beauty of the objects on display happily flirts with the cosy and refined atmosphere of the space itself. Formerly the studio of German artist Franz Catel, the location is today the epicentre of the finest Italian hospitality as well as of young and vibrant international contemporary art scene. Ms. Stefania Grippo, the owner and also the interior designer who reinvented the place through her Studio 9, is the very soul of this space. Hers are the choices that make this place so unique, including the staff who has helped realising this ambitious project – Silvia Litardi, curator of the exhibitions, Memi Crimi, the Art Coordinator and Ludovica Palmieri, the Press Officer. So unique that it is featuring in the chich-list of the best boutique luxury hostel of 2015, drafted by Condé Nast Johansens.


Everything at piazzadispagna9 is conceived and realised to the smallest of the details – all the furnitures in the room are objects of design chosen or created by Studio 9, the art design project curated by Ms. Grippo. Each and every room contains and exhibits works of art – pieces from the artist of the moment as well as bespoke design furniture and objects. At the end of their stay, guests can buy the pieces they have fallen in love with – no matter if that is a bedside table or a painting, the objects are dreams for sale, and you do not need to be a billionaire to afford them!

Room 1 “Sunrise”; painting by Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa, “Materia II” (2014) and below “Materia IV” (2014)

I was particularly impressed by the curtains in Room 1 “Sunrise”, the junior suite which face Piazza di Spagna: they are made of the finest tweed wool which is used to make the finest winter coats for pret-a-porter fashion… amazing!

Piazza di Spagna – The view from Room 1 “Sunrise”

The tour of the “house” is kindly offered by Ludovica Palmieri, the Press Officer. With great professionalism and passion (she is an art historian) she explains me all the stories and anecdotes surrounding the place and its art… Particularly interesting is the choice of the artists: they are all young, talented and still unknown to the large public. Serafino Maiorano, a photographer, was the first artist to open the season in Marh 2014. Today, the body of works (2009 – 2014) of María Ángeles Vila Tortosa, are populating the hall, corridors and rooms of the hotel, and can be viewed until May 2015.

“Caja habitada” (2014), María Ángeles Vila Tortosa
“Sobravuela” (2010), María Ángeles Vila Tortosa

With her colourful yet melancholic paintings, constantly facing the past and recalling childhood and long-gone memories, this young Spanish has given the hotel a romantic and vivid character. Some abstract paintings are also hanging from the walls of some of the suites, giving the six elegant rooms an unexpected lively twist.

“Tiempo II” (2009), María Ángeles Vila Tortosa
“Educacion” (2010), María Ángeles Vila Tortosa

ABOUT THE ARTIST – María Ángeles Vila Tortosa(b. 1978, Valencia), has completed her artistic education between Spain and Italy. She took part to several exhibitions, both in public and private spaces, like Espai d’Art in Gandia (Valencia), Tossal Museum in Valencia, Archeological Museum in Enguera (Valencia), Instituto Cervantes in Rome, Casa Museo Mario Praz in Roma, L’ Escorxador Centre de Cultura Contemporànea di Elche (Alicante), Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, Ric Festival in Rieti.
Since 2009, she has been collaborating with Alicia Herrero for the project “Midriasis/Cajas Habitadas”, which explores the link between memories and emotions, which in turn links contemporary art and dance.

After May 2015, María Ángeles will present, together with Alicia Herrero, the project Cultura Domestica at the Mario Bilotti Museum in Rome.

Studio 9, presents
Sobrevuela | María Ángeles Vila Tortosa
Piazzadispagna9 – Boutique Hotel & Art Gallery
Piazza di Spagna 9, 00187 Roma
From 27 November until May 2015
info: art@piazzadispagna9.it | Tel: +39 06 69921458

Ufficio Stampa: Ludovica Palmieri
ludovicapalmieri5@gmail.com | +39 347 7454894

…in conversation with Ludovica Palmieri (right)

A special big THANKS to Ludovica, who made this possible! 

From Rome with Love,

Carmela Tfr