#LaBellaVita: an *artemporary #glamorous review from #Rome

Holidays are almost over – also for *artemporary.

In 48 hours we will all be back to our routines and we can all focus on burning out the calories and on eliminating the kilos in excess (kind legacy of the Xmas holidays). But before all that, we still have the time to indulge some more, until Sunday. Not just with food, but with some very de-lightful art-bites.

As I wish (like almost anyone else) that holidays would never end, I made a middle stop in Rome, the “Eternal City”, a place which never disappoints. Just walking around is a pure bliss and an architectural orgasm for the eyes and the heart.

In this place of sheer beauty, I found a special place where Art, Design and Hospitality all blend to give birth to something quite unique: a boutique hotel in the very heart of the city – Piazza di Spagna.

Piazzadispagna9, view of the hotel’s interior

When I received few weeks ago the invite by the hotel’s press officer, I was absolutely flatter and excited to begin my 2015 with such an interview and review.

So my dear Art-Lovers, if you are still hungry for some very cool tip on what to visit when you will be in Rome next time, just check out the next post.

This afternoon, I will meet the crew behind this glamorous and ambitious project. The Review of piazzadispagna9 will be out Tuesday evening, 06. January 2015.

Greetings from Rome!

Pics courtesy of piazzadispagna9 / Ludovica Palmieri