#ZüriTips: #vernissage anyone?

It is known: Zurich is a city whose profile is deeply entangled in Art. If you were wondering whether galleries opening and vernissage would only happen on a Thursday, here is the answer: no. Not at all.

Hungry for some middle week action as warm up for the coming weekend? Then tank up with the three following events for the week, all in downtown Zurich. And don’t forget pen and paper!

Will STEACY, Bags In Barb Wire, Los Angeles, from the series “Down These Mean Streets”, 2009 @Galerie Christope Guye


Wednesday, 03. December 2014

“Urban Spirit”, Stephen Gill, Will Steacy, Beat Streuli, Sascha Weidner, Michael Wolf

Galerie Christophe Guye
Dufourstrasse 31, 8008 Zürich
T 044 252 01 11
Mo-Fr 10-18, Sa 11-16 Uhr
Vernissage: 03.12.2014, h 18 – 20
From 04.12.2014 to 21.02.2015


“True Crime”, Andres Herren

Gonzo Club
Langstrasse 135
8004 Zurich
043 317 99 25
Vernissage: 03.12.2014, from h 19 onwards
More info: VICE website

Andres Herren_True Crime
Pic by Andres Herren, from the exhibition “True Crime” @Gonzo Club


Thursday, 04. December 2014

“Voyages”, Rémi Jaccard

Galerie Alex Schlesinger
Tödistrasse 48, 8002 Zürich
T 043 233 92 93
Di-Mi,n.V., Do-Fr 13-18, Sa 12-16 Uhr
Vernissage: 04.12.2014, h 18 – 20
From 05.12.2014 to 05.01.2015
More info: remijaccard.net


Friday, 05. December 2014

Eva Barto, Jesus Alberto Benitez

Hardstr. 245, 8005 Zürich
T 044 202 44 22
Mi-Fr 12-18, Sa 12-16 Uhr
Vernissage: 05.12.2014, h 18 – 20
From 06.12.2014 to 24.01.2015

eva barto, trafic
Eva Barto, Trafic, 2014 @annex14
Rémi Jaccard, Paris Nord, 2014 @Galaeries Alex Schlesinger


A special Thanks! to Die Zürcher Galerien for the cultural map and always updated events list and to VICE for the interesting angle of its news and events.

NOTICE: The next update will be from London city! Be ready for the top 3 artsy things to do in the European “Big Apple” – besides wild shopping!