#SwissTips – A Saturday at #ArtBasel

Artemporary goes to Art Basel. A day full of events, artists talks, salons and conversations is ahead…
Without considering the many many galleries from all over the world that will be there, showing the best of their portfolios.
So exciting!
Let’s get ready behind the scene (on the train!) and let’s make the most out of it!20140621-121601-44161055.jpg#artemporary #ArtBasel #wheretheartworldmeets

I arrive in Basel welcomed by a proper summer heat. The city is full of people and excitement and artsy eccentric characters. And rich ones. But also full of families and children, all going to the fair to enjoy a day of art and culture.

Tickets can be bought also at Bahnhofplatz, just in front of the station…


The organization of the fair is impeccable and in less than 15 min my press credentials are all sorted.photo1

By the time I am inside the main building I check the floor plan and the galleries exhibiting for this 44. edition. All the major galleries from around the globe are there, and each one of them has is place in the sun. And I am there, amongst them. As soon as I pass the first security check, I am greeted by a classic Jeff Koons dolphin. My heart skips a beat… this is just the beginning.

A work by Jeff Koons @David Zwirner Gallery (New York)
Jeff Koons @David Zwirner Gallery (New York)
Yves Klein @ Dominique Levy Gallery (New York)


Yves Klein (this specific type of blue has been renamed after him: “Blue Klein”)
Andy Warhol
Dominique Levy Gallery (New York)
Nicholas Acquavella, Aquavella Galleries
Basquiat @Aquavella Galleries20140622-005114-3074720.jpg



Ai Wei Wei @Lisson Gallery
Ai Wei Wei @Lisson Gallery