Art Review#7

#Pop-Porn Post of the Week (and other online stories)



@venusgalleryYouPorn, PornHub, xVideo… Just name it.

Porn is such a huge presence in our everyday (virtual) life that porn-websites out there are so copious that users are overwhelmed with choice.

Once upon a time it was Anaïs Nin to present readers with daily shots of erotism, in the form of short stories (“Delta of Venus”, 1978). Few pages – no more – per story, with such a charge of lust to set imagination in motion for days.
Along with the breakthrough of “Deep Throat” (1972), the first porno movie, where things one had only imagined or seen in pictures suddenly took place in a real 80’s scenario.
And then it was the world wide web and its endless possibilities… After that, porn simply became part of our lives I guess, in a more democratic yet secretive way.
Today, everyone can be protagonist. Everyone is able to share with other users what is going on in their own bedrooms. Without saying that – if you are Italian like me – on tv you are bombarded by half naked and seductive ladies at all hours of day and night.

There is a gallery, in our endless www-whateverspace… that has made eros the reason for being out there. Its going-concern.

missgoffetown_venusgallery_locandina“Nuoto acrobatico (da camera) e altre discipline” by Miss Goffetown this is the title that marks the start of activity of Venus Gallery, a virtual place where sex and sensuality take shape in all their artistic forms.

Fulvia Monguzzi, aka MissGoffetown, fills each virtual room with her works depicting love and sex in all their shades – from romanticism to what Sigmund Freud would have considered “perversion”.

Nothing really new under the sunshine. But her peculiar cut.



Miss Monguzzi, with her childish drawings (Pornarelli – above) looks at sex from a naïve perspective. There is no malice in those coloured actions imprinted on simple pieces of paper. All seem pictured by a kid spying adults from the door’s keyhole. It all seem approached with eyes emptied of any type of prejudice and simply filled with curiosity.

@venusgalleyWith a slight sense of humour she makes us looking at sex and sexuality from a ludicrous perspective (Pisla – left), as to state that sex can be a playful and entertaining game. Something that should not been taken too seriously…


@venusgalleryOr like in the series “Riaccendimi” (left), where several different positions are drawned on match boxes. Like a kamasustra that comes in pocket size for all occasions.


Something really rare nowadays, where everything is so explicit and easy to unveil, where nothing is left to the imagination.

This exhibition is wholly online – if you are not 18 years old… well… I should say turn around and come back when you have officially become and adult– but it’s exactly where boundaries are set that curiousity arise and rules are broken. So…

#Just dare!