Today is a broken nose day and a slightly wounded heart.

I have told myself from the beginning that Artemporary would be an art blog just about art facts and that’s it. I always tried to make it not personal and as detached as possible. But this is a radical non-sense, as blogs are personal and because there is so much of my passion, blood, sweat and free-time opportunity costs in this blog that it can just not be.

Today simply is not a good Tuesday: it’s a yearly consolidation of Mondays, in which the only good point is a drastically reduced hunger and thus saving of dieting stuff. It’s one of those extremely rare days in which I take my heart out for a walk and it gets inevitably hurt.

And then suddenly a Jeff Koons heart image pops up in my mind…


What if he was right all the way? What if this Wall Street broker turned artistar, making even more millions with the stainless steel and serial works he sells, has always presented us with the plain simple truth but we were too busy thinking “Oh, how stupid! Is this really art?” to realize it?

What if love can be reproduced over and over, and happiness is just a giant rabbit and the secret of a longlasting marriage is simply great porntastic sex?


Koons is one of the most controversial artists of our times: either you love him or you hate him. In the simple banality of every objects he is able to find a higher meaning, for whatever that is. In the Chinese repetition and production of his pieces, he shows us as nothing is unique and original, but that – yet – anything can be special. Same goes for human beings. And virtually for everything.

So maybe I should be more like Koons and keep and preserve the most hedonistic and childish part of myself. So maybe eventually that is the message  – with the slight difference that he is making tons of money out of it.

But if he really is the messiah of all the artistars and that the truth eventually is soooo simple, than Koons can be justified in his Warholian Chinese factory and the fat compensations he gets for such apparently “silly” works.


I deeply admire Jeff Koons – for his ideas, style and wealth. And for telling things in their simplicity and in their being so obvious yet peculiar.

In this very weird Tuesday I’d love to be more Koons and less Schopenhauer, more Avicii and less Bach. So, in my ToDo List for tomorrow I’ll include:

1. Not Give a Fuck
2. That is All


Happy Wednesday Everybody!