The month of August is sadly gone and holidays are over. Including mine.

With one week delay on scheduled back-t0-reality post, I here announce that the next post will be published without further delay on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

This post will be the first Artemporary Interview (Interview#1) to one of my favorite artists –  Nico Bonomolo. I would definitely sound biased if I would tell you he is Sicilian. So I will simply tell you why I like his work so much: wild and “beastly” brushstrokes whip the canvas with such energy that the outcome feels almost plastic and tangible. Normal, ordinary, everyday objects are raised to an extraordinary level with feral pregnant colors…

Enough for a bite? Stay tuned and you will be able to enjoy the whole package, including pictures of the artist’s portfolio and more info.


Carmela Tfr